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        About Us
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        Company profile


        Changsha Shenda Technology Group Corp. was founded on Mar. 18th, 1999, its headquarters was registered in Changsha national Hi-tech industry development Zone. After years of development, it has become a national high & new technology corporation, an advanced automotive parts manufacture supplier. Its main business contain R&D, manufacture and sales for large & medium size precision injection mold and fixture, the manufacture and sales for precision injection, PU form and coated parts. 

        Shenda's headquarters is located in the center of Xiang river new area and it is close to Meixi lake, it occupies an area of thirty-two thousand square meter, and its registers capital is 34.58 million RMB. Shenda now owns 8 production bases, including Changsha headquarters, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Changsha Xingsha, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

        Shenda keeps concentrating on R&D and manufacture for mould and fixture, precision injection parts, function and structure parts. By years of close and deep cooperation with multinational corporations, Shenda establishes a young and active management team. Based on the service concept of "customer first", Shenda is striving to development and progress, adhering the development concept of Standardization/ platform/ automation and informatization, trying to be the first batch of the same field to enter “made in China 2025”.

        The main products contain the precision injection mould of automotive parts, precision fixture, automation jig, frock, it also specialized in the high-precision injection parts, including new energy battery, air bag, reversing radar, ESP, lamp, motor gear, gear box etc.. What’s more, Shenda also specialized in cooling area for auto engine and auto air condition fan area. At the same time, Shenda also produce the front & back wiper assembly parts, steering guard assembly parts, air outlet assembly parts, cup holder assembly parts, auto glove box assembly parts, auto door, armrest and headrest coated assembly parts. On the other hand, Shenda produce the interior decoration injection parts and assembly for auto door system, center control system and sunroof system.

        The main clients of Shenda contain the well-known multinational corporation who are the top level in the domestic and international auto or home appliance industry, such as Bosch, Brose, Johnson, Yanfeng, Faurecia, Magna, Venture, Visteon, Gissing, Electrolux etc..

        Development plan

        1. Establish the long-term friendly cooperation with Germany Engel company, set up R&D organization with Engel, absorb and transform the worldwide advanced technology. At the same time, expand the European market and develop more high level clients.

        2. Deepen the internal system reform, based on value stream concept to found "cost center, profit center", to motivate all of employees, to improve the technical and management. At the same time, introduce the high-tech talents then focus on them and train them, support them to blend into team and become the joint force.

        3. Shenda concentrates on R&D and manufacture of precision mould, precision injection, precision fixture, automatical jig, function and structure assembly part, develop the enterprise with high technology, high additional value and high level products, at the same time, based on the current equipment and products to promote the automation and informatization. In order to achieve the upgrade of industry, based on the development concept with standardization/ platform/ automation and informatization, Shenda will make all the efforts to meet the advanced manufacture idea and technology of multinational corporation, leveraging “made in China 2025”.

        4. Established 7 production bases in Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xingsha town of Changsha, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Trying to expand the market share and customers, achieve the stable development of enterprise by selectivity footprint from the strategy direction. 

        5. Try to enter innovation layer of new three board in two years.